Night Visitor

When Scott got home from youth vespers tonight, Bosco was barking at something on the ground. We went out and looked to see what it was. And low-and-behold, it was a bull frog!

Night-Visitor_imagelargeNight-Visitor-2_imagelargeNight Visitor

He looked to be about 12 inches long from nose to toes. He was over 420 feet from the pond. He must have had quite a trip. We took him back to the pond, after taking some pictures, and let him run … hop … free!

On some nights, we can hear the frogs croaking away. We hear several large bull frogs sometimes. It is music to our ears! Some people may say that it is too quiet in the country, but that is the best way to live. We hear the barn owls and the coyotes sometimes also. It is melodious!

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