February 6 – Look out for skunks!

Dear Granny,

We had an encounter with a skunk today! The dogs were barking, so I sent the kids out to investigate. They soon came running in all excited saying, “There’s a skunk out past the manure pile!” So we all trooped outside looking for it.

Sure enough, there he was, rooting around in the field looking for bugs. It’s unusual to see a skunk in the daytime. We followed him until he disappeared into the pile of brush where he hides during the day. We have also seen skunks in the tack room at night snooping around the cat food, but they don’t cause any problems. The cats clear out when the skunks come in.

While we were outside, we walked around the garden area. I have some volunteer onions coming up! I may let them grow. I am going to prepare the tomato beds soon. I was looking through the seed catalog and found some really nice varieties. I can’t wait to see how they taste.

Here is a picture of the kids wading through a puddle on the walk today. God is so good! We have our health, there is food in the pantry, and the roof doesn’t leak. What more do you need?

I hope things are good with you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Your loving granddaughter


February 4 – Another Rainy Day

Dear Granny,

It is another rainy day here at the ranch. It can get depressing when it rains so much. But the ground needs it. Everything is so green. I stand in wonder every time I go outside and see God’s beauty all around. I see Him in the trees. I see Him in the flowers. I even see Him in the wind blowing through the eucalyptus.

The kids were outside in the barn most of the day. We have the hay fort out there and they like to climb all over it on days like today. As long as they wear their rain boots and jackets going back and forth to the barn, they won’t get sick. Living out here in the country has made them heartier.

My husband loves me so much. He built an extension from the front steps to keep us up out of the mud when going in and out of the house. The dogs love it!. They lay on it waiting for legs to rub up against. For some reason, they don’t mind the rain. Maybe they know it all comes from God. Romans 8:28 says “All things work together for good to those that love God”. I need to take a lesson from the animals. They have no worries for the future. God knows their needs and will supply them, We need to put it all into His hands.

Well Granny. I need to get going. Supper is almost ready and I need to call the kids in to wash up. I love you. I will write again soon.

Your loving granddaughter


Sunset at the Lazy Oak Ranch

See pictures of the sunset from The Lazy Oak Ranch.

See pictures of the sunset from The Lazy Oak Ranch. No two pictures were taken on the same day. The pictures were taken starting in 2006 when we first move to the ranch. There are many other sunsets that we have not taken pictures of. This is one of the reason we choose to live in the country. The sunset is not as beautiful when viewed in the city. You can also view another slide show of The Lazy Oak Ranch here.

Sunset at the Lazy Oak Ranch

Sunset at the Lazy Oak Ranch


Leoni Meadows Rodeo

Photos from the Leoni Meadows Camp Rodeo – Updated 10/28/2009

Each summer, the staff at Leoni Meadows Camp put on a rodeo for the campers. We have been up for it twice so far this summer and here are some photos. There are several events that only staff participate in and some that the campers join. The staff do Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Rider Switch and the Flag Race. The campers have the Hay Bale Race, their own brand of Pole Bending, “Catch the sheep” and Tug-O-War. It is a great time for all. Since Heather is working at base camp horses, she rides with the Cowboy Camp staff. She has been riding Michael’s horse Cowboy and they do a great job!


New Horse

After years of only three horses on the ranch, we have a new filly. Her name is Takoda and she came at the beginning of August.

At the beginning of August 2008, we adopted a new filly. She and eight other weanlings were brought from Idaho to the Leoni Meadows Camp in June. The owner provides the horses for camp and could not sell them in Idaho so decided to try California. We had our eye on two of the fillies, a black percheron/quarter horse mix and a red roan. Since Heather was working at camp, she was able to help us pick them out and keep an eye on them until we could pick them up. Before we picked them up, another family expressed interest in adopting one, so we decided to keep the black one.

After we brought them both home, the red roan (Oakley) was picked up by her new family. We named ours Takoda, which means “Friend to Everyone”. And it is an appropriate name. She is very friendly. She get’s along great with the other horses. We put Takoda and Brandy out to pasture together. They have become buddies.

Keep an eye on the Ranch Life blog for more information about Takoda and her adventures.


Night Visitor

When Scott got home from youth vespers tonight, Bosco was barking at something on the ground. We went out and looked to see what it was. And low-and-behold, it was a bull frog!

Night-Visitor_imagelargeNight-Visitor-2_imagelargeNight Visitor

He looked to be about 12 inches long from nose to toes. He was over 420 feet from the pond. He must have had quite a trip. We took him back to the pond, after taking some pictures, and let him run … hop … free!

On some nights, we can hear the frogs croaking away. We hear several large bull frogs sometimes. It is music to our ears! Some people may say that it is too quiet in the country, but that is the best way to live. We hear the barn owls and the coyotes sometimes also. It is melodious!

Welcome to the Lazy Oak Ranch

Welcome to the Lazy Oak Ranch, Our Little Slice of Heaven.  We are located in Placer County north of Lincoln California at the very edge of the foothills northeast of Sacramento. We are on 5 acres surrounded by beautiful horse country. Camp Far West lake, with year-round water recreation and miles of horse trails, is only 15 miles away.  We have horses, goats, dogs and cat.  Quite the menagerie.  Here is  a slideshow from the ranch.